AHSC AFP Innovation Fund

From 2010 to 2017 NOAMA has approved 68 projects allocating $4.28 million in funding. This amount is $.8 million greater than the AFP Innovation funding received.  To encourage and support physician clinical faculty research, the NOAMA Board has funded the shortfall by allocating funding from the deferred revenue academic component. Many of the projects are also being supported through partnership with their institutions, including the northern hospitals.

Call For Proposals

The 2018 AFP Innovation Fund competition is now closed

Target Timelines – 2018 AFP Innovation Fund

NOAMA invites all AFP Participating Physicians to submit a project proposal for the AFP Innovation Fund competition.

Due Date for Submissions: The 2018 AFP Innovation Fund competition is now closed

All funding competition forms fillable forms. The use of these forms is an IFPOC requirement, and applications that do not adhere to the requirement will not be accepted.  Refer to the “Applicant Process Details – Forms P1 and P2” document (below) for instructions on how to complete the forms.

The application forms are:

1.  Form P1- Project Proposal (Please save this form to your computer prior to completion)
2.  Form P2 -Proposal Budget (Excel)

Project Application Documents

If you have any questions, please contact the NOAMA Office at grants@noama.ca or (807) 766-7305.

Reference Documents

Six-Month and Year-End Progress Report Templates

Final Report Templates

Current and Completed AFP Projects

NOSM Research Office

Contact NOSM’s Research Office at research@nosm.ca or refer to the NOSM Research Support Group Brochure below for information on research process support available through the Research Office.

NOSM Research Support Group Brochure