NOAMA provides funding to the LEGs from the AFP funds. The funding is provided to allow groups of physician clinical faculty to form LEGS so that they can effectively address their current operational academic concerns. Click here to view the LEG Financial Internal Control Framework.

The framework and guidelines for LEG funding is detailed in the LEG Funding Information document.

Process for Payments

A. Start-up Academic Funding

Startup academic funding is provided to the LEG as soon as the signed Letter of Offer and banking information is received by the NOAMA office.

Important Notes:

  • Amount allocated for start-up funding is $5,000 per participating physician to a maximum of $100,000. There will be no additional start-up funding available for membership changes after the LEG has been operational for one year.
  • There will be only one start-up amount available for physicians who are members of more than one LEG. The physician will need to inform NOAMA as to the distribution of the start-up funding between the LEGs that he/she belongs to. If the start-up amount has already been paid to a LEG, there will be no start-up funding paid to a second or third LEG that the physician chooses to join.

Reporting to NOAMA - Start-up Funding

LEGS are required to submit a start-up funding report to NOAMA 6 months following receipt of start-up funding using the Template for Start-Up Administrative Funding Report.

B. Variable LEG Academic Funding

All LEGS qualify for consideration for funding under each of the following academic categories:

  • Administration Support
  • Research Program Development
  • Academic Program Development
  • Academic Faculty Leadership Development
  • Academic Recruitment
  • Clinical Innovation

Payments for Variable LEG academic funding payments will begin once the signed governance agreement is received by the NOAMA office and will continue annually as long as NOAMA's reporting requirements are met (see Reporting Requirements tab).

C. Payments for Clinical Teaching - NOAMA and NOSM

The process for the payment of clinical to the LEGS is detailed in the LEG Academic Deliverables and Payment Process document.