Contact Information

LEG Leads and Administration

A list of the 52 approved LEGs, along with the contact information of their respective LEG Lead(s) and Administrative Assistant(s) is available for all LEG members:

LEG Lead and Administrator's Contact Information


Required Number of Members in a LEG

The number of members in a LEG has not been specified. In establishing the LEG, members may want to consider the governance and administrative costs of a smaller group which normally is higher per member. There may be an opportunity for smaller groups to work together across the geography.

Other Healthcare Professionals

The LEG must be controlled by participating physicians in accordance with the terms of the Alternate Funding Plan (AFP). The LEG physician clinical faculty members can choose how to distribute funds received by the LEG. This distribution may be to other allied health professionals. To achieve this, the governance of the LEG could provide for a sub group of other health professionals such as the dietician.

Membership in More Than One LEG

An individual can belong to more than one LEG but there will be only one start-up amount available for that physician. The physician will need to inform NOAMA as to the distribution of the start-up funding between the LEGs that he/she belongs to.

If the start-up amount has already been paid to a LEG, there will be no start-up funding paid to a second or third LEG that the physician chooses to join.

Membership Change - Reporting to NOAMA

LEGS are required to confirm their membership list with NOAMA annually. It is suggested that the LEGs inform NOAMA of any changes (new or removal) to their LEG as they occur throughout the year in order to assist NOSM as we provide them with up to date lists of LEG memberships to use for scheduling and tracking.