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The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) and the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) established an Alternate Funding Plan (AFP) for all academic physicians at Academic Health Science Centres in Ontario providing new funding beginning in 2000. NOSM physician clinical faculty were not covered by the plan. The Physician Clinical Teachers Association (PCTA) and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM), working with the OMA and the MOHLTC, were successful in obtaining transitional funding for NOSM physician clinical faculty of $2.1 million for 2008-09 as a first step in moving toward an agreement.

Effective April 1, 2009, the NOSM alternative funding plan, a contractual agreement between the PCTA, OMA, MOHLTC, and NOSM was signed. The signatories to this agreement were the Hon. Deb Matthews (MOHLTC), Dr. David Mutrie (President of the PCTA), Dr. Roger Strasser (Dean and CEO of NOSM), and Mr. Robert Lee (legal counsel for the OMA). The agreement provides for $7.1 million of annual funding.

The agreement is intended to:

  • Provide funding that recognizes the unique contributions of clinical physicians for academic activities at NOSM; increase the capacity of academic physicians to provide Clinical services and Academic activities in an integrated manner; ensure that the funding reaches participating physicians in an open and transparent manner.
  • The PCTA and NOSM signed an agreement in January 2010 to establish a governing body, initially called the Central Academic and Planning Resource Committee (CARP). The name has been changed to the Northern Ontario Academic Medicine Association (NOAMA). NOAMA is an unincorporated association established to manage, distribute, and administer the AFP funding on behalf of the MOHLTC and the Members in accordance with the contractual terms of the AFP Agreement. The PCTA holds the majority of the voting membership of NOAMA.
  • For the purposes of the AFP, NOSM and the PCTA agree that a participating physician is one who: is a member of the PCTA, holds a faculty appointment at NOSM and has signed a declaration and consent form.


NOAMA Roles and Principles of Governance Agreement


The NOAMA governance agreement provides for the creation, execution, and continued maintenance of the following committees, as well as other working groups which can be formed as required:

  • NOAMA Board
    • constituted by the Governance Agreement, and created by the Signatories to manage, direct and support the delivery of clinical service, health education, research and administration under the AFP.
  • Finance & Audit
    • responsible for all resource allocation recommendations to the NOAMA Board, as well as providing business planning and reporting input.
  • AFP Committee
    • formulates recommendations to the Governing Committee regarding consideration of Innovation funding for IFPOC approval and recommends local policies and procedures in support of appropriate and effective process regarding Innovation Funds.
  • CIOF Committee
    • formulates recommendations to the Governing Committee regarding approval of CIOF funding and recommends policies and procedures in support of appropriate and effective process regarding CIOF funds.


Who is eligible to receive funding under the AFP Agreement?

Participating physicians are eligible to receive funding under the AFP Agreement. For more information please refer to the PCTA Information handout.

How do I become a participating physician?

  • Be a member of the College and hold a certificate of registration to practise medicine issued by the College under the Medicine Act;
  • Have malpractices protection through a commercial insurance program or membership in the CMPA or its equivalent;
  • Have an academic appointment at NOSM; and
  • Completed and forwarded signed Declaration and Consent (D&C) form to the NOAMA Office by fax at 807-766-7521 or by email at noama@noama.ca.

Declaration & Consent Form (for physicians who are incorporated)
Declaration & Consent Form (for physicians who are not incorporated)

Faculty Appointment Application and Information